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Fiscal Impact

Upon approval of the recommended action, adequate funds will be available to support the recommended contract.

Recommended Action

City Council:


1.      Approve the plans and specifications for the Highway Safety Improvement Program, Federal-Aid Project HSIPL-5450(085), City Project C0043.


2.      Award the construction contract to Toro Enterprises, Inc., in the amount of $1,043,930 and authorize a ten percent contingency in the amount of $104,393, for a total contract amount not to exceed $1,148,323.


3.      Appropriate Miscellaneous Federal Grant funds (229) in the amount of $198,678 to expenditure account C0043229-5161.001 and increase revenues in account 229-4424.009 by $198,678.


4.      Authorize the City Manager or designee to execute all necessary documents, subject to the approval of the City Attorney.


Background/Alt Actions



This Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) federal grant-funded project involves improvements to the following three intersections: Orchard Village Road at Wiley Canyon Road, Seco Canyon Road at Pamplico Drive, and Soledad Canyon Road at the State Route 14/Sand Canyon Road southbound ramps.


These projects will increase traffic flow and improve operations at the following three intersections:


Orchard Village Road at Wiley Canyon Road - The vehicles in the northbound left-turn pocket on Orchard Village often exceed the capacity of the existing turn pocket, forcing vehicles to stack in the number one lane. The turn pocket extension will increase vehicle capacity, and the signal modification will improve the flow by changing the permissive left turn into a protected left turn phasing on both directions along Orchard Village Road. Improvements also include upgrades to the ramp to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Seco Canyon Road at Pamplico Drive - Improvements to the intersection include changing the signal phasing, upgrades to the signal infrastructure, adding a protected left-turn operation, construction of pedestrian access ramps compliant with ADA, and roadway improvements to the adjacent road to remove dips in the intersection. The improvements also include installation of a catch basin to address drainage problems at this intersection.


Soledad Canyon Road at State Route 14 southbound ramps - The proposed improvements at the intersection will modify the existing permissive westbound left turn from Soledad Canyon to the State Route 14 on-ramp to a protected left turn, a new traffic signal mast arm will be installed, and the left-turn pocket will be extended to accommodate the new protected left-turn phasing.


This project supports the Santa Clarita 2020 theme of Sustaining Public Infrastructure.


An invitation to bid was published three times: February 8, 18, and 28, 2017, and posted on the City of Santa Clarita (City) website. Six bids were submitted to the City and opened by Purchasing on March 20, 2017. The results are shown below:


Company              Location              Bid Amount

Leonida Builders, Inc.              Glendora, CA              $              868,716.00

Sully-Miller Contracting              Brea, CA              $1,012,530.60

Toro Enterprises, Inc.               Oxnard, CA              $1,043,930.22

Granite Construction Company              Lancaster, CA              $1,027,482.00

Palp Inc., DBA Excel Paving              Long Beach, CA              $1,293,071.50

R.C. Becker & Son, Inc.              Santa Clarita, CA              $1,311,867.55


After reviewing the bids, staff determined the bid from the first low bidder, Leonida Builders, Inc., and the second low bidder, Sully-Miller Contracting, were non-responsive. These two bidders failed to meet the Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) goal of 12 percent, as specified in the contract documents for this federally funded project. Therefore, staff recommends awarding this construction contract to Toro Enterprises, Inc., the lowest responsive bidder. Toro Enterprises, Inc., possesses a valid state contractor’s license and is in good standing with the Contractors State License Board. The contractor's bid was reviewed for accuracy and conformance to the contract documents and found to be complete. Additionally, Toro Enterprises, Inc., DBE commitment for this project is 39.2 percent.


The requested contingency of $104,393 will cover costs for unforeseen conditions or conflicts uncovered during construction.


While the City maintains a “Support of Local Businesses” policy that can be utilized by the City Council when warranted, the City is governed by the State Public Contract Code with regard to public works project procurement. In these types of procurements, the Public Contract Code does not permit a City to utilize a “Support of Local Businesses” policy and instead requires the contract to be awarded to the “Lowest Responsive Bidder.”


Since the lowest responsive bidder was higher than the engineer’s estimate, City staff requested additional federal HSIP funds from the California Department of Transportation and received a commitment to increase federal funding by $198,678. The additional funds will be used for construction and staff oversight related to construction and project management, including public works inspection, technical support, labor compliance, material testing, and other project-related costs.



Other action as determined by the City Council.

Meeting History

May 23, 2017 6:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting

Addressing the Council on this Item was Sue Trok and Jason Gibbs.

Mayor Cameron Smyth directed staff to respond, and City Manager, Ken Striplin, commented that he would be in contact with Mr. Gibbs concerning the contract award; and Assistant City Engineer, Damon Letz, clarified that the Granite Construction bid was deemed non-responsive.

MOVER:Bob Kellar, Councilmember
SECONDER:Bill Miranda, Councilmember
AYES:Cameron Smyth, Laurene Weste, Bob Kellar, Marsha McLean, Bill Miranda