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Fiscal Impact

Upon approval of the recommended actions, adequate funds will be available in expenditure account F3020305-5161.001, Park Dedication Fund, F3020723-5161.001, Facilities Fund, and R3007356-5161.001, Stormwater Utility Fund to support the recommended contracts for the Canyon Country Community Center Phase I project.

Recommended Action

City Council:


1.      Approve the plans and specifications for the Canyon Country Community Center - Phase I, Project F3020 (Phase I).


2.      Award construction contract for Phase I to Sukut Construction, LLC, in the amount of $9,302,837, and authorize a contingency in the amount of $1,395,425, for a total contract amount not to exceed $10,698,262.


3.      Award a contract for Phase I biological monitoring services to Compliance Biology, Inc., in the amount of $163,160, and authorize a contingency in the amount of $16,316, for a total contract amount not to exceed $179,476.


4.      Extend the current contract and authorize an increased expenditure authority for civil engineering and surveying services for Phase I with Michael Baker International in the amount of $105,080, and authorize a contingency in the amount of $10,508, for a total additional contract amount of $115,588.


5.      Authorize entering into a contract with R.T. Frankian and Associates for geotechnical services for Phase I in the amount of $345,388, and authorize a contingency in the amount of $34,538 for a total contract amount not to exceed $379,926.


6.      Authorize entering into a contract with the Fernando Band of Mission Indians for tribal monitoring services for Phase I in the amount of $70,000.


7.      Amend the budget for Fiscal Year 2018-19 and appropriate $10,368,784 to the Canyon Country Community Center, Project F3020 and Canyon Country Community Center Regional Infiltration Best Management Practice, Project R3007 as follows: $4,576,473 from the Park Dedication Fund Balance (Fund 305) to expenditure account F3020305-5161.001, $4,127,311 from the Facilities Fund (Fund 723) to expenditure account F3020723-5161.001, and $1,665,000 from the Stormwater Utility Fund Balance (Fund 356) to expenditure account R3007356-5161.001, to provide for the construction contract, support services, staff time, and the project’s administrative costs for the Phase I construction.


8.      Increase miscellaneous revenue account 723-4621.001 by $4,127,311, representing the Los Angeles County Flood Control District’s contribution toward the Mint Canyon Channel improvements, as part of Phase I.


9.      Authorize the City Manager or designee to execute all documents, subject to City Attorney approval.

Background/Alt Actions



On June 28, 2016, the City Council approved the Conceptual Master Plan for the Canyon Country Community Center (C4) project following a public engagement process. The plan includes the construction of a 25,000 square foot community center, plaza and courtyards, parking, walkways, landscaping, and street improvements. The plan also includes improvements to the Mint Canyon Channel and storm drains which are being coordinated with the Los Angeles County Flood Control District (District). The total improved area of the project, including channel improvements, is approximately ten acres. This project supports the Building and Creating Community theme of the City of Santa Clarita’s five-year strategic plan, Santa Clarita 2020.


The City Council awarded architectural design and civil engineering contracts for the project in August and December 2016, respectively. In addition, a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) was approved and certified at the July 11, 2017, City Council meeting, satisfying the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).


The C4 project will be constructed in two phases. Phase I construction includes the rough grading, improvements to the Mint Canyon Channel and storm drains, and a stormwater infiltration system. Phase II will include the construction of the community center building, parking lots, walkways, play area, outdoor basketball court, landscaping, and street improvements. Phase I construction is scheduled to begin in April 2019 with Phase II construction to follow immediately upon completion of Phase I.


A significant component of Phase I includes improvements to the Mint Canyon Channel. City Council authorized entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City of Santa Clarita (City) and the District at the December 11, 2018, meeting. The MOU outlines the funding obligations, maintenance responsibilities, land exchange, and use areas between the City and the District. The City will appropriate funding for the Mint Canyon Channel improvements as part of Phase I and will be reimbursed by the District’s proportionate share as agreed upon in the MOU.


Phase I will also include the construction of a regional stormwater best management practice (BMP) water retention and infiltration system. The stormwater BMP is a critical component to address the City’s water quality treatment objectives identified in the Upper Santa Clara River Enhanced Watershed Management Program. The system will be located beneath two of the C4 parking lots with the ability to retain, clean, and infiltrate up to 7.5 acre feet of stormwater runoff from the Sierra Highway corridor prior to discharging into the Mint Canyon Channel and ultimately into the Santa Clara River.


Phase I Construction

An invitation to bid for the rough grading, improvements to the Mint Canyon Channel and storm drains, and a stormwater infiltration system was published three times: December 8, 12, and 15, 2018, and was posted on the City’s website. The City received a total of six bids which were opened by Purchasing on January 25, 2019. The results are shown below:



Company                                                        Location                                           Bid Amount


Sukut Construction, LLC                            Santa Ana, CA                            $ 9,302,836.50

Bosco Constructors, Inc.                            Chatsworth, CA                            $10,310,543.00

Pacific Hydrotech Corporation              Perris, CA                                          $10,759,582.00

Palp Inc. DBA Excel Paving                            Long Beach, CA                            $10,856,762.60

Lonerock Inc.                                                        Irvine, CA                                          $13,893,376.00

Union Engineering Company, Inc.              Ventura, CA                                          $14,712,482.00


Staff recommends the Phase I construction contract be awarded to Sukut Construction, LLC, the lowest responsive bidder. Sukut Construction, LLC, possesses a valid Class A State Contractors License and is in good standing with the Contractors State License Board. The contractor’s bid has been reviewed for accuracy and conformance to the contract documents and was found to be complete.


The requested construction contingency will cover the cost of unforeseen site conditions, such as potential for adjustments to the engineered grades, utility conflicts, abandoned utilities not shown in record drawings, change order requests made by the contractor, and change orders for additional work requested by the City.


Biological Monitoring Services

The proposed improvements to the channel and storm drains as part of the C4 project impact jurisdictional areas of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board. Each of these agencies, as well as the adopted MND for the project, requires the City to implement numerous conditions to protect wildlife, valuable habitat, and water quality. These requirements necessitate the use of biological monitoring services during Phase I construction.


On January 8, 2019, a Request for Proposal (RFP) for biological monitoring services for Phase I construction was advertised on the City’s website. The RFP asked firms to identify proposed staffing and their relevant experience with similar projects and specify their qualifications for this project.


A total of five proposals were received on January 22, 2019. All proposals were reviewed by staff based on the evaluation criteria set forth in the RFP. The following is a summary of the firms’ rankings:


Rank              Company              Location              Score


1.              Compliance Biology, Inc.                            Camarillo, CA                                          23

2.              Wildscape Restoration                            Ventura, CA                                          17

3.              BioResource Consultants, Inc.              Ojai, CA                                          15

4.              Dudek                                                                      Santa Barbara, CA                            14

5.               Endemic Environmental Services, Inc.              Fullerton, CA                                          8


The rating system heavily emphasized the consultant staff’s experience and qualifications as they relate to biological monitoring during construction. Based on the experience and the completeness of their proposal, staff recommends the City Council award the biological monitoring services contract in the amount of $163,160 to Compliance Biology, Inc. Compliance Biology, Inc., demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the project and provides the most qualified biological monitors to support the construction requirements of the C4 project.


The requested contingency of $16,316 will cover costs for additional, as-needed services as the construction project continues and unforeseen issues arise.


Civil Engineering and Surveying Services

At its August 23, 2016, meeting, the City Council awarded the civil design and environmental document services for the C4 project to Michael Baker International (MBI), for a total amount of $456,160. MBI was selected through an RFP process and has been the civil engineering firm utilized during the acquisition phase for C4.


At this time, civil engineering and surveying services will be required for Phase I construction. Staff is recommending the City Council increase the existing contract with MBI by $115,588 for a total contract amount of $571,748. This contract increase will allow the civil engineer consultant to remain with the project to provide necessary construction support and surveying services.


Geotechnical Soil Testing Services

Phase I construction will require geotechnical soil testing. R.T. Frankian and Associates (RTFA) has previously prepared the Geotechnical Investigation Report that has been the basis for design and construction for this project.


Based on RTFA’s past work on C4, their familiarity of the site and soil conditions, staff recommends the City Council authorize entering into a contract with RTFA in the amount of $345,388, with a contingency of $34,538, for a total contract amount not to exceed $379,926.


Tribal Monitoring Services

As part of the CEQA process and adopted MND for the project, tribal monitoring is required for the grading operations at the site which exceed five feet in depth. Tribal monitoring is consistent with AB52 requirements and is intended to monitor the site for any cultural artifacts that may exist.


The Fernando Tataviam Band of Mission Indians is the sole source for tribal monitoring services for this project. Based upon the anticipated scope of work and time required to monitor grading and excavating activities, it is recommended that the City Council authorize entering into a contract with the Fernando Tataviam Band of Mission Indians for an amount not to exceed $70,000.


The requested budget will allow for awarding the construction and support services contracts, as well as staff time, public works inspection, labor compliance, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan monitoring, and project administrative costs.




Other action as determined by the City Council.

Meeting History

Feb 12, 2019 6:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting

Addressing the Council on this item was Alan Ferdman, representing the Canyon Country Advisory Committee; and Jerred Langford and Joshua Christensen, representing the Southwest Carpenters Union.

City Manager Ken Striplin responded to Mr. Ferdman's inquiry and stated that due to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), it is becoming common to require tribal monitoring onsite.

MOVER:Bob Kellar, Councilmember
SECONDER:Cameron Smyth, Mayor Pro Tem
AYES:Marsha McLean, Cameron Smyth, Bob Kellar, Bill Miranda, Laurene Weste